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Roof Cleaning

Our trained technicians clean composite and asphalt shingle and cement or clay tile roofs using hand brushes and blowers to remove moss, debris, and other contaminants from your roof. We then apply an eco-friendly moss treatment to keep your roof moss-free for 12-14 months. We DO NOT pressure wash composite/asphalt, cement or clay tile roofs, as doing so causes damage and reduces the longevity of the roof.


Metal roofs are pressure washed to removed dirt, grime, and moss. 

Eco-friendly, safe for environment

Preventative Maintenance Plan


We recommend that our clients take advantage of our Preventative Maintenance Plan. This service provides annual treatments of our eco-friendly liquid moss treatment to help you keep your roof moss-free at a fraction of the cost of the initial cleaning. Keep your roof moss-free with our Preventative Maintenance Plan!

Surface Cleaning


Whether you have a patio, deck, cement driveway, brick or stone pathway, sidewalk, parking lot or awnings, we can clean it!  Our trained technicians use commercial pressure washers and surface cleaners that are best suited to your particular needs.   

Over time, ground surfaces collect dirt, moisture and debris, creating a perfect breeding ground for unsightly and slippery moss or algae. Keeping your ground surfaces clean keeps your home or business looking cared-for and hazard-free. Our KMR technicians can help them look brand new again!

Gutter Cleaning


Gutters are designed to channel water away from your house or structure, keeping the foundation from becoming over saturated.  When gutters become clogged with moss, debris and leaves, they can overflow and cause flooding. We include gutter cleaning FREE with all full roof cleanings. 

We recommend that interior gutters are cleaned twice a year, or as needed.  We also clean exterior gutters at very affordable rates.



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