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We hope you can find the answer you're looking for, but if not, please feel free to contact us. We'll be sure to resolve any concern you may have. 

Why does moss need to be removed?

Moss grows and attaches to roofs by roots called rhizoids.  Rhizoids feed on granules in asphalt composite roofing, and wherever they can find nutrients. This growth creates a moisture-filled environment that invites decay-forming organisms which compromise the integrity, longevity and beauty of your roof. Moss on ground surfaces creates an unsafe environment. 

Do you pressure wash roofs?


We only pressure wash metal roofs.  Pressure washing composite shingle or tile roofs can damage them and significantly shorten the life of a roof. As such, we do NOT pressure wash roofs with composite shingles or tile. For these surfaces we use a safe cleaning process that involves gentle brushing and blowing followed by the application of an eco-friendly moss treatment. 

When should I have my roof or ground surface cleaned? 


As soon as you see any green or black shading or growth. Waiting until thick moss accumulates significantly increases the possibility of decay and damage to your roof. Keeping your walkways and roof fully cleaned and maintained provides safety and beauty to your property. 

What do you use to treat roofs?

After your roof is cleaned of moss and debris we apply an eco-friendly, biodegradable, liquid moss treatment. Our liquid solution product does an excellent job of keeping the moss from returning for 12-14 months.

Once I have my roof cleaned by KMR, then what? 

After your roof is cleaned and treated by a KMR technician, it typically remains moss-free for 12 months or longer. We recommend our clients take advantage of our Preventative Maintenance Plan. Our office will contact you in about a year to check in on your roof condition, and can put you on our schedule to retreat your roof at a fraction of the cost of the initial cleaning and treatment.  Participating in our Preventative Maintenance Plan is the most cost-efficient and effective way to keep your roof free of moss, looking great, and increase its longevity. Our goal is to get the moss off and keep it off!

What payment options do you accept?

We accept checks, online payment made by bank transfer, and all major credit cards (with a 3.25% transaction fee).  

Do you work year-round?

Yes, light rain or shine. For the safety of our employees, we do not work in heavy rain or extreme conditions of snow, ice, wind or lightning.

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